AtelieramPark – Artsurprise in Gronau


“Von der Rolle” – exhibition – performance – opening – session – 08.02.2014 – 5.30 p.m.

AtelieramPark – Osterbrink 2 – 31028 Gronau

Ruediger Brede, Detlef Bartels and Anke Hoge invited the artists form the European art project ARTSURPRISE.EU to participate in Gronau. As part of the next opening in February they will inaugurate the first vending machine and point of sales in Gronau. With this milestone AtelieramPark gives local access to more than 120 artists from 18 European countries and offers permanently international contemporary art in the region.

Juan Petry will give a short overview about the project and will bring along a special. He invited more than 14.000 (!) artists worldwide to send him a short art video under the theme “One important minute”. AtelieramPark will be the first place where, during in the opening on 08.02.2014 the sampler (Video art on USB pen-drive) of this social sculpture will be published inside ARTSURPRISE.EU.

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