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de Copii din Ciocanesti – featured by lifebusteR

Raum für die Kunst shows “De Copii din Ciocanesti” – a very special exhibition for the kids of Ciocanesti, featured by lifebusteR (art collective).

30.09.2018 – 11 hrs – Gerressener Strasse 21 – 51570 Windeck

Artworks substription available soon – Save 50% NOW (>>>discount<<< till 29.09.2018 10 am)

Call hotline for exclusive information +49 160 99131933 (or whatsapp)

One work is available in an Ebay – Auction till 29.09.2018 – submit your offer now!


Art on the road 4 – from Cologne via Berlin to Barcelone



Art on the road is an open concept of moving the people. I am looking for open minded powerful and creative people who want to join me on a trip from Cologne to Barcelona. You could meet me for a cup of coffee on the way, you could meet me for a day in your area or you could join me (one place in the car is free) on some parts of the travel. The goal is to enjoy european art and culture, meet nice friends on the way and discover contemporary art.

In June 2016 we will inaugurate an exhibition in the gallery of the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in spain (documentation of this trip).

Tour plan:

30.04.2016 – 10 am – Leipzig Mitte HBF – round table “living communities”
30.04.2016 – 7 pm – Eibenstock – round table “artsurprise”
01.05.2016 – 2 pm – Eibenstock – inauguration new point of sales “artsurprise”
01.05.2016 – 3 pm – Eibenstock – round table “living communities”
02.05.2016 – 8 pm – Berlin Mitte – Weinerei – round table “artsurprise”
06.05.2016 – 1 pm – Halle – round table “artsurprise”
08.05.2016 – 1 pm – Hannover – working with the bees – “natural farming, culture, art”
09.05.2016 – 1 pm – Hannover – dye garden – spiral of colors – natural farming
10.05.2016 – 1 pm – Hannover – SofaLoft – round table “artsurprise”
10.05.2016 – 7 pm – Hannover – interview with Evelyn S. – “now – the moment of innocence”
14.05.2016 – 11 am – Windeck – round table “living communities”
15.05.2016 – 6 pm – syrian folk meets art and performance in Rheinbach
17.05.2016 – 6 pm – Marseille – round table “artsurprise”
19.05.2016 – 6 pm – Quillan (Aude,FR) – round table “living communities”
20.05.2016 – 6 pm – Girona (CAT) – round table “living communities”
21.05.2016 – 6 pm – Cervera del Maestre – Dinner with the artist

Fill out the form below. Add you cell phone for quick reply. I will start in 29.04.2016 in Cologne. Publish this open call in your social media networks. Apply now!


Amazing Citizens in civil wars at affordableartfair Brussels 2015


AC – Amazing Citizens 4 of 12 – exclusive galerie luzia sassen – aaf brussels 2015

The German galerist Luzia Sassen shows for the first time and exclusively in Belgium a selection of Amazing Citizens (AC) at the affordableartfair in Brussels, one of the leading showcases of contemporary art in Europe | 06.02. – 09.02.2015

afordableartfair brussels | Tour & Taxis | Avenue du Port 86c | B1000 Brussels
Art Fair | Gallery Luzia Sassen | Art Fair Direction

The amazing citizens define an icon of all the civil victims of contemporary violence. The amazing citizens survive with love – in conjunction to their first exhibition in a Spanish museum.

More about these art works ….


Artworks availible at ARTSURPRISE Marketplace


Marketplace is the new function at and some of my artworks are also availible there. The benefit is, that you could discover from this point all works availible in online shops at a single point. I use different systems to measure the frequency and quality of online sales and with Marketplace i could offer my clients a single information point. Nice feature.

Links: artsurprise marketplace




ARTSURPRISE ENTER Gerstaecker Germany

ARTSURPRISE ENTER Gerstaecker Germany

The open european art project ARTSURPRISE – the fast growing social sculpture – entered the Gerstaecker Store in Eitorf (Germany).

“We want to to to real art places. And this is one of the places, where the artwork starts. We like to meet much more artists for upcomming point of sales ( especially in Berlin and Barcelona ) and we like to meet the professional artists right here (Juan Petry).”

Links: ARTSURPRISE | Point of Sales | Gerstaecker Store

New location in Germany for Artsurprise



The social sculpture grows and grows. We opened a new point of sales in the town hall gallery from Hennef, a city near Bonn and Cologne in Germany.

The town major bought the first box out of the redesigned white wurlitzer vending machine. In the reunion with press we focused together with mr. mueller-grote, responsible for public relations and culture, to discover new point of sales in the town twins and to invite more artists of the region.

Links: Hennef – Town Hall Gallery

ARTSURPRISE published artwork with the number 10.000 !

magic moment - bartel 2012

magic moments – bartel 2012

The german artist Nicole Bartel distribute a new series of digital artworks as part of the project ARTSURPRISE. “magic moment” is the title, and Bartel continue the dialog. She invites creative people to partizipate in her long term performance “The trail to happyness” (Rheinbach, Germany, May 2013).

“I like a lot, that another social sculpture inside the social sculpture ARTSURPRISE mark the amazing number 10.000 (Juan Petry). After 15 month the project grows and grows.”

Links: Bartel – magic moment | ARTSURPRISE – News | ARTSURPRISE – Arte.TV