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WELCOME! – art exhibition in Windeck – Germany


first art show in the new conceptual art space in 51570 Windeck Gerressen – Gerressener Str. 23
European contemporary art

Opening: 04.01.2014 | 6 p.m.


Artsurprise News

Artworks availible at ARTSURPRISE Marketplace


Marketplace is the new function at and some of my artworks are also availible there. The benefit is, that you could discover from this point all works availible in online shops at a single point. I use different systems to measure the frequency and quality of online sales and with Marketplace i could offer my clients a single information point. Nice feature.

Links: artsurprise marketplace



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POP UP IN SPAIN – Exhibition – Performance

POP UP in Spain

In May 2013 the conceptual artist Juan Petry invited his artist friends and people from the local area in Eastern spain to participate in an action drawing  and poetry event in the house of the dragon, the artist residence in Cervera del Maestre.


POP UP in Spain - Poetry in the Casa del Dragon - Spring 2013
POP UP in Spain – Poetry in the Casa del Dragon – Spring 2013

“I invited art lovers and artists to draw together on one table under the theme of the exhibition POP UP IN SPAIN.

I am sure, whenever you give a group a reason to work together, the result has much more value than just the collection of individual works. The process of interaction and doing something in a group creates a new multidimensional expression and gives a relaxed feeling to the participants, since they are not alone responsible for the result.

Links : Pop up in Spain

Exhibitions News

MIGRATION – european art in times of reconstruction

migration- european art in the house of the dragon

The fall of the Berlin Wall will be seen in retrospect as the beginning of European Migration. Already in the mid-20th century, the flow of tourists followed the bohemian world to Italy, Greece and Spain. At present, the crisis is reflected by the economic refugees who establish new livelihoods in other European countries.

There are the grandchildren of the first generation of guest-workers, who set off again. Then there are also migrants from neighbouring countries who try their luck in Europe.

This gradual migration of peoples has long begun. It was already anticipated in the last decades by the artists who were able to move more and more freely in Europe after the Second World War and who – working internationally – are always looking for and giving new impetus.

The European Network EL-DRAC – a virtual network of 150 artists from 21 European countries – is an example of this development. More than half of them do not live and work in the country where they were born.

These culture-migrants do not only leave behind old structures. They move and also move others and, by doing so, give something positive to the crisis. They discover opportunities and places; they ask new questions there and thus, at their destination, enhance the variety and richness of European culture. They are contemporaries, they are personalities. The time of migration is also a time of arrival, outside as well as inside.

links : ARTSURPRISE | KünstlerInnen :: Domenech / Goerth / Petry / Ploetz


juanito en el arbol – cableART project


foto juanito en el arbol
juanito en el arbol

The german group heilandart (cologne) published a first series cableArt as part of the european art project ARTSURPRISE.

In conjunction with other works from Sonia Eva Domenech, Jaume Rocamora and other artists we all develop a new form of art, which combine physical artworks with social interaction. its amazing to see how the art lovers reply with powerfull activities.

This works in general become art in the process of the transaction between artist and buyer (holder). Tthe quality of a unique pieces of art inside this works is defined by the response.

Links : heilandart – cableArt |  Domenech – Love warriors | Petry – DIGITAL GUERILLERO



Open doors in Gelsenkirchen – Germany

ARTSURPRISE open a new point of sale in the gallery Artdepot in Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

Up to now the gallerist Renate Brändlein offer young contemporary art form ARTSURPRISE. The gallery Artdepot mount one of our vending machines full of art and surprise. ARTSURPRISE is growing and growing…and develop a new channel for marketing an d communication.

Door open” – the next event in the new contemporary hot spot in Gelsenkirchen is the right place for our emercency growing project ARTSURPRISE . All galleries in the street Bergmannstrasse open at 04 and 05 May 2013 their doors and offer the variety of contemporary young artists from Europe.

Links : Artdepot | ARTSURPRISE


Volunteers starting with ARTSURPRISE in the new Year 2013

The volunteer crew of the hospice care service in Hattingen, Germany, is starting into the new year 2013 with a surprise in art.

The full-time staff Susanne Gramatke, Andrea Glaremin and Beate Achtelik together with Sigrid Druebbisch, German artist and featured by the gallery Sassen in Bonn near Cologne, arranged a very special gift for the 50 volunteer helpers in the ambulant hospice service in Witten-Hattingen.

More here


Juan Petry at Saatchi

Selected artworks offered via saatchi online gallery


New Website online – Step 1

A happy new 2013 and welcome to my new website.