Long Term Projects

Edition Casa del Dragon – curator – since 2013

After two years we have set up some new functions inside the project www.artsurprise.eu. After “marketplace” and ” vote and win” we have now defined “special editions” and responsible curators for selected series. We invite professional curators and art agents to use this tool in order to feature their artists inside the large project.

Links: Artsurprise |


Digital Guerrillero – since 2012

I participated in the German art fair bildsprachen in 2012, driven by Peter Liedke and his crew. It was an art fair about photography, multimedia and marketing and it was a pleasure for me to be part of it. I was thinking about an art intervention focusing on guerrilla marketing and so I created the series Digital Guerrillero as part of the ARTSURPRISE project. From time to time I get messages from some art lovers, because I invited them to do something…

Links : Digital Guerillero | ARTSURPRISE


Uploads # – crossover art project – since 2011

Whenever humans start to develop their tools, they want to extend the range of their senses. In modern cities you see them outsourcing their thinking to build a new virtual interbrain. Guarding the social networks as their new Tamagotchis the nerds start to transform into real cyborgs.
More and more they feed this interbrain to take space in virtual spheres and evolve their socialisation….

Links : Uploads #1 | Uploads #2 | Uploads #3 | Uploads #4


ARTSURPRISE – since 2011

I am a conceptual artist and like to make interventions inside society. In this case I  import knowledge from society, industry and logistics into the art market. I also enjoy giving contemporary European art a new marketing channel to distribute and sell artworks in various art places like museums, galleries and exhibition halls. After only 15 months, the project has moved more than 9000 artworks and sold more than 25%… and it is still growing.

Update March 2016 :: > 200 artists, > 28.000 artworks, > 70 points of sale
Update November 2013 :: > 110 artists, > 16.000 artworks, > 40 point of sales, marketplace
Update August 2013
:: > 100 artists,  > 13.500 artworks, *new* art types audio art and video art



Casa del Dragon – open artist residency in Eastern Spain – since 2006

After rebuilding an old house in the beautiful village Cervera del Maestre in Castellon over 20 years, we decided to use the building as an open artist working and exhibition space. The special atmosphere in the south and the walls full of history provide a good platform to discover new projects and brings art buyers, commissioners, agents and artists together. The house of the dragon was frequented by more than 100 artists and friends during the last years. We live together in a temporary open community, sharing ideas, power and knowledge. In the basement we run several exhibitions every year (saturdays 4 pm – 8 pm and sundays 10 am. – 2 pm.).

Links : Casa del Dragon


EL-DRAC – European art network – since 2006

The intelligence of the swarm is the benefit for its members. Under this headline I founded a European artist network without a boss, without administration and with a lot of power. After 6 years more than 150 professional artists from more than 20 countries work together, share and collaborate in art projects and create a lot of spin-offs like producer galleries, art markets, art fairs and exhibition projects. The network is still growing and develops itself. The target remains do discover the art market and show and sell art in Europe.

Links : EL-DRAC


global bookkeeping – since 2005

I love my books. From time to time I place a book in a public space. I hope that somebody will  pick it up and read the first page. On that page I describe the project. If you find one of my books, enjoy to be part of global bookkeeping and send a letter to me.

Links: global book keeping