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Art on the road

Exhibition in the Casa del Dragon

Artist Residence and socio-cultural think tank

Wednesday,16.04.2014 – 7 p.m.

Casa del Dragon, Las Parras, 19 , 12578 Cervera del Maestre, Castellon, España

Please bring a white T-shirt, a bottle of wine and a candle to the opening!

Enjoy contemporary art in times of reconstruction…

On the road from Berlin to Valencia I met more than 40 artists. Every one of them exchanged an art work of personal relevance with me. Each piece has its own story. Each piece is part of art history in these times of reconstruction. Each art work reflects the life of a European citizen – young, old, man, woman…with their family, experience, illusion, dreams and wishes.

Some of these artists will become famous in the next years, some of them are already famous now. Whatever history will decide to publish about them, they are all part of contemporary art, they are all part of the rich and beautiful European culture.

In this exhibition you will find art from Turkey, Russia, Macedonia, Hungary, Germany, Cataluña, Valencia, and France. Some of these art works travelled around the world before, some were kept on stock by the artists over a long time. Now they are part of history. Discover the art and you will discover that it is part of your own history…

The exhibition is open Saturday (4 pm – 8 pm) and Sunday (10 am – 2 pm) in April 2014, July and August 2014. Visit the artist residence Casa del Dragon in Spain (12578 Cervera del Maestre, Castellon).


List of Artists

Room A

Martina Fischer

Dr. Saxa

Doreen Zehring

Joerg Schroepfer

Room B1

Martina Unterharnscheidt

Room B2

Helga Hansman

Eduard Fortuny

Conny Wischhusen

Room C

Barbara Niesen

Konrad Keuteneuer

Claudia Brunke Gregory

Heike Meissner

Raquel Moron

Manfred Juengling

Room D

Carlo Buergi

Betina Manck

Özcan Bayha

Elena Ploetz

Ruediger Brede

Peter Mueck

Brigitte Schaider

Anette Lenzing

Thomas Zydek

Nina Marxen

Room E

Stefan Wilkerling

Marianne Stark-Westkamp stark-westkamp@vhs-


Ralf Hennerici

Gabriele Springer Kuenstlerin@Gabriele-

Bernard Bieling

Dieter Wienholt

Jela Sale


Room F

Petra Nijman

Eddy Brons

Donata Reinhard

Dia Michnay Wenzl

Manuela Krug

Rosa Soriano Marzal


Julia Moral

Inna Soldatova

Ebba Jahn

Special thanks to: Corinna Klein, Antje Schultz, Sonia Eva Domenech, Luzia Sassen, Jens Hansen and all other people, who helped to make this trip real.

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