After more than 12 years of developing the artist network EL-DRAC as a social sculpture i closed for a while the official website. After many exhibitions and many activities of hundreds of contemporary artists from nearly all over the world i had to limit my time to mantain it a little bit.

I didnt found a willing artist to step in and to develop this network more. The key is still on the table… And so it turned from an active think tank to a beautiful memory of the past modern art movements in the beginning of the new century.

Let me say thank you for help and support and… you never know… maybe there will be a time when somebody reanimate this gras root project and will announce EL-DRAC 21.0.

Nevertheless there are some sustainable projects founded inside or around this network. The art gallery EL-DRAC in the house of the dragon still open its doors for regurlar exhibitions. Also the CASAdelDRAGON is still an open artist residence and think tank. ARTSURPRISE is still slowly growing and focusing the box number 30.000 in 2018/19.

Even familiafeliz as a redesign of contemporary livining community reality – compartible for milleniums – is a great opportunity for people between 1 and 92 (ken).

And one of the most powerfull spin-offs is the color garden project based in CERVERA DEL MAESTRE beside the oil mil and the rambla de Cervera. It hosted more than 300 visitors in the first four years and it is still growing (8 ha) and explore new sustainable forms of agriculture, bee keeping, permaculture, aquaponics and alternative gardening.

If you like to visit the “historical” places of EL-DRAC step in and have a look at CASAdelDRAGON and the color garden. You could apply as guest, wwoofer, volunteer, artist or for your personal retreatment.

Special thanks to Antje and Corinna for this high ammount of support in all these years!

Art makes happy!