UNIIE – Free University of Informal Education


UNIIE – get the knowledge you need – the free university of informal education

UNIIE – Free University of Informal Education – a social sculpture – a free space for creatives

Everybody has the right to acquire knowledge. Knowledge transfer is a universal social human act. The focus is on the people. The objective of UNIIE is sustainable education including fruitful associated research.

More than 80% of an adult’s daily applied knowledge is based on informal learning. Only 20% of the knowledge have been obtained in classical education and training. UNIIE organizes and structures informal learning and teaching.

UNIIE is a social sculpture and thus a social space. UNIIE organizes the transfer of knowledge on the campus in the colour garden in Spain and in other places in Europe.


UNIIE – informal education is healthy – discover yourself

If you want to join UNIIE as a distributer of knowledge, as a receiver of knowledge or if you like to join the project for your own research about informal education, start here.


Donate for our next goals


Donate for the next milestones of UNIIE

The next step of this project is to build infrastructure to host and welcome guests (wwoofers, artists, students, supporters). This step will be marked by three milestones: we want to buy a circus tent (we have a real offer in Germany – photo left side), we have to construct bio – toilets (waterless) and we need a second hand – caravan (for summer guests).

The circus tent is one of the bigger investments. A tent is for us the opportunity to offer a protected space for education, reunion, events and workshops for a larger quantity of people. We calculate with groups of 10-30  guests residing for longer periods in summer and with 100 – 250 day visitors for bigger events (exhibition, market, reunion).

For these guests we need toilets. We calculate 3 for women and 2 for men (plus 2 urinals). We will build  waterless compost toilets by using natural material (bio construction).

The UNIIE – Campus will host some summer guests in caravans. We buy them in Germany and we use them for the transport of donated material to Spain. Each caravan is an opportunity to welcome a single person, a couple or a small family.

For sure, UNIIE is also a long term art project and this page is one personal step of starting crowdfunding for it. I ask you to participate and trust in me. I will route your donation to one of these milestones and you will get detailed documentation about these milestones here on this page.

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The button will open a new window to access paypal for your donation. You can use this feature with or without a paypal account. If you prefer to make a bank transfer directly from your account please use the following bank data:

NAME H. Petry
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Bookmark this page to verify the purpose of this crowdfunding.

And thank you – in the name of all guests we will host with your help! Feel invited to be our guest yourself – visit the UNIIE campus and take a look!