UNIIE – free university of informal education

UNIIE – get the knowledge you need

In 01. January of 2015 i founded the free university of informal education – UNIIE – in Spain. The main target is, to develop a free space for free creatives, like a garden of epicurus. UNIIE will be one of my long-term art projects. As part of the activities of the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON, the dye garden project of and other workshops and inter-cultural projects i will explore new ways of distribute and receive knowledge.

The field of important and sustainable knowledge is wide. From the artistic point i will create an advantage and invite all humans – willing to share information and knowledge – to join this project. Equal if you want to know something, if you know something or if you want to make research about informal education, you are welcome to join this project, this location, this movement of contemporary learning.

In march 2015 we start first workshops and cultural events. We will publish the agenda soon as possible. If you want to join the team of distributers of knowledge, you could apply now here.

If you are interested in research about informal education, please contact me directly.

Artsurprise Exhibitions News

Amazing Citizens in civil wars at affordableartfair Brussels 2015

AC – Amazing Citizens 4 of 12 – exclusive galerie luzia sassen – aaf brussels 2015

The German galerist Luzia Sassen shows for the first time and exclusively in Belgium a selection of Amazing Citizens (AC) at the affordableartfair in Brussels, one of the leading showcases of contemporary art in Europe | 06.02. – 09.02.2015

afordableartfair brussels | Tour & Taxis | Avenue du Port 86c | B1000 Brussels
Art Fair | Gallery Luzia Sassen | Art Fair Direction

The amazing citizens define an icon of all the civil victims of contemporary violence. The amazing citizens survive with love – in conjunction to their first exhibition in a Spanish museum.

More about these art works ….



Loveletter mailart project

Love letter mail art project starts now.

As part of the upcoming exhibition in the artist residence Casa del Dragon I invite all creative singles to join a special art event and social sculpture, the love letter mail art project.

love letter mail art

If you are single, if you are creative, draw or paint a front of a post card, add useful information on the back and send it to the house of the dragon in Spain.

We will mount the received post cards in this exhibition and invite singles to have a look on your mail art post card. If they like it and if they want to get in contact with you, they could apply for that, only physically, only in that exhibition. We will collect the applications and send them to you. It will be your decision whether to have contact or not. You will have control. We show only the front of the cards, not the personal info! Enjoy this project. And be part of a worldwide art event.

More information here: loveletter mailart project

artsurprise goes EXTRASCHICHT 2014


Art on the road 2 – contemporary art moving in Europe

art on the road tour 2014

I offered to exchange art with European artists. I published an open call on facebook in my social sculpture group work of art. i am in contact with more than 90 artists and I will meet a lot of them between now and 16.04.2014 (the official end of the tour with the opening of the exhibition in Casa del Dragon, the artist residence in spain).

Links: Tourplan | Facebook | Press-Kit | Casa del Dragon | Press



AtelieramPark – Artsurprise in Gronau


“Von der Rolle” – exhibition – performance – opening – session – 08.02.2014 – 5.30 p.m.

AtelieramPark – Osterbrink 2 – 31028 Gronau

Ruediger Brede, Detlef Bartels and Anke Hoge invited the artists form the European art project ARTSURPRISE.EU to participate in Gronau. As part of the next opening in February they will inaugurate the first vending machine and point of sales in Gronau. With this milestone AtelieramPark gives local access to more than 120 artists from 18 European countries and offers permanently international contemporary art in the region.

Juan Petry will give a short overview about the project and will bring along a special. He invited more than 14.000 (!) artists worldwide to send him a short art video under the theme “One important minute”. AtelieramPark will be the first place where, during in the opening on 08.02.2014 the sampler (Video art on USB pen-drive) of this social sculpture will be published inside ARTSURPRISE.EU.

Official invitation > 2014.02.08 Einladung <

The Gallery: | The social sculpture ARTSURPRISE.EU

Artsurprise Exhibitions News

WELCOME! – art exhibition in Windeck – Germany


first art show in the new conceptual art space in 51570 Windeck Gerressen – Gerressener Str. 23
European contemporary art

Opening: 04.01.2014 | 6 p.m.


Artsurprise News

Artworks availible at ARTSURPRISE Marketplace


Marketplace is the new function at and some of my artworks are also availible there. The benefit is, that you could discover from this point all works availible in online shops at a single point. I use different systems to measure the frequency and quality of online sales and with Marketplace i could offer my clients a single information point. Nice feature.

Links: artsurprise marketplace



Exhibitions News

POP UP IN SPAIN – Exhibition – Performance

POP UP in Spain

In May 2013 the conceptual artist Juan Petry invited his artist friends and people from the local area in Eastern spain to participate in an action drawing  and poetry event in the house of the dragon, the artist residence in Cervera del Maestre.


POP UP in Spain - Poetry in the Casa del Dragon - Spring 2013
POP UP in Spain – Poetry in the Casa del Dragon – Spring 2013

“I invited art lovers and artists to draw together on one table under the theme of the exhibition POP UP IN SPAIN.

I am sure, whenever you give a group a reason to work together, the result has much more value than just the collection of individual works. The process of interaction and doing something in a group creates a new multidimensional expression and gives a relaxed feeling to the participants, since they are not alone responsible for the result.

Links : Pop up in Spain

Artsurprise Exhibitions


ARTSURPRISE ENTER Gerstaecker Germany
ARTSURPRISE ENTER Gerstaecker Germany

The open european art project ARTSURPRISE – the fast growing social sculpture – entered the Gerstaecker Store in Eitorf (Germany).

“We want to to to real art places. And this is one of the places, where the artwork starts. We like to meet much more artists for upcomming point of sales ( especially in Berlin and Barcelona ) and we like to meet the professional artists right here (Juan Petry).”

Links: ARTSURPRISE | Point of Sales | Gerstaecker Store

Exhibitions News

MIGRATION – european art in times of reconstruction

migration- european art in the house of the dragon

The fall of the Berlin Wall will be seen in retrospect as the beginning of European Migration. Already in the mid-20th century, the flow of tourists followed the bohemian world to Italy, Greece and Spain. At present, the crisis is reflected by the economic refugees who establish new livelihoods in other European countries.

There are the grandchildren of the first generation of guest-workers, who set off again. Then there are also migrants from neighbouring countries who try their luck in Europe.

This gradual migration of peoples has long begun. It was already anticipated in the last decades by the artists who were able to move more and more freely in Europe after the Second World War and who – working internationally – are always looking for and giving new impetus.

The European Network EL-DRAC – a virtual network of 150 artists from 21 European countries – is an example of this development. More than half of them do not live and work in the country where they were born.

These culture-migrants do not only leave behind old structures. They move and also move others and, by doing so, give something positive to the crisis. They discover opportunities and places; they ask new questions there and thus, at their destination, enhance the variety and richness of European culture. They are contemporaries, they are personalities. The time of migration is also a time of arrival, outside as well as inside.

links : ARTSURPRISE | KünstlerInnen :: Domenech / Goerth / Petry / Ploetz