social matrix and virtual reality


title image of a group in fb – one social media network of the past

At the beginning of 2015 I was admin of some groups in social networks. When I had started these activities earlier, I was looking for a channel to transform virtual attention into real benefit for the members (of these groups) and for myself.

I spent some hours per week in managing the groups and calculated the ROI (return of investment). I did not really hit that point. 🙂

At the same time I was (and still am) also responsible for a dye garden project in Spain and a project called “jardin de colores – laboratorio de artistas” – an open garden for free people like Epicur’s garden.

As part of these activities I founded UNIIE – the Free University of Informal Education. The campus of this university is that garden space in Spain.

I decided to ask my personal friends in the social networks for a donation. Some of them – a few – donated a little money. The amount was nearly 40% of what I paid for a caravan to host people for free. Most of the so-called “social media friends” did not react or donate.

After writing more than 1500 personal mails, my account was limited by some social networks and they rerouted my friends to a page which informed them about an alleged risk if they followed the link to my website. All my personal links are blocked now if I try to use them in my personal and private (?) communication via the social media network…

Of course, I didn’ t pay for ads and I used the tools of the social media. My target is to found and develop a free space for free thinkers, a place of peace and freedom. After all, using this social network was not useful for that purpose.

If you are NOT afraid, you can follow this link. And sorry, you can’ t give me a L**E for that, but you can give and receive LOVE, if you join the movement of UNIIE.