Art expo out of the box


On the road from Berlin to Valencia I met more than 40 artists. Every one of them exchanged an art work of personal relevance with me. Each piece has its own story. Each piece is part of art history in these times of reconstruction. Each art work reflects the life of a European citizen – young, old, man, woman…with their family, experience, illusion, dreams and wishes.

Some of these artists will become famous in the next years, some of them are already famous now. Whatever history will decide to publish about them, they are all part of contemporary art, they are all part of the rich and beautiful European culture.

In this exhibition you will find art from Turkey, Russia, Macedonia, Hungary, Germany, Cataluña, Valencia, and France. Some of these art works travelled around the world before, some were kept on stock by the artists over a long time. Now they are part of history. Discover the art and you will discover that it is part of your own history…

Get this exhibition out of your box – at your favorite time – at your place !

The exhibition includes original works of art by more than 50 contemporary European artists and Documentation (photo, print, video, web). I am a conceptual artist. I offer this exhibition “out of the box” on. In relation to your available space and selected formats i will show up to 50 works.
I assume the transport costs and manage the hanging in consultation with you.

I offer two versions: exhibition with sale or exhibition without sale.

Exhibition with sale

In addition, I will show up to 5 not exchanged artworks for sale normal market conditions (50%/50%). These works are presented as part of the exhibition. All exchanged artworks of this social sculpture are offered only contiguous (for details please contact me). You organize marketing and press releases. I will get a fee of minimum 10 Euros per guest for the opening. For this fee I take your guests on a journey through the stories behind the works (about 60 minutes, languages: german or english). You guarantee a minimum fee of 150 Euro (or 10 Euros per guest).
If useful a second event could be agreed for the finisage.

Exhibition without sale

You get the exhibition for a fixed price (depending on time and place). This includes two days of presence (mounting + Vernissage, Finisage + unmounting).
One of these days I’ll take your guests on a journey through the stories behind the
art works (about 60 minutes, languages: German or English, the date of opening or after finisage).

exhibition duration

The works will be exhibited for at least 3 days and for a maximum of 30 days (special arrangements are possible by arrangement).

Marketing contact

gallery luzia sat | Luxemburger Str 345th | 50939 Köln | Germany
Tel.:+49 (0) 2248 44 53 45 | Fax: +49 (0) 2248 44 53 46
luzia.sassen /a t/

Questions about art

Juan Petry | Las Parras 19 | 12578 Cervera del Maestre | Castellon | Spain
Tel .: +49 (0) 175 2468955 or +34 6 47044992

Apply here for detailed information.