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Fluxus, a loose international group of artists, poets, and musicians whose only shared impulse was to integrate life into art through the use of found events, sounds, and materials, thereby bringing about social and economic change in the art world. Britannica online 2022-11-11 – external link A declared goal of Artsurprise’s art has always been to break new ground in art production, distribution and reception. Art has always been successful when it has taken those interested in art out of their passive role of looking at completed artworks into a situation in which they themselves are part of what is happening and the actual artwork is only created through their reaction. The social sculpture in the sense of Beuys combined with the will, analogous to Warhol, to create multiples in the factory (here CASAdelDRAGON), which offers space and occasion for the interaction and creation of the actual social sculpture, requires…

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