buenavistacervera – social interaction in public spaces – enjoy the life

buenavistacervera – social interaction in public spaces – enjoy the life

Social art comes on the way. The work belongs to a group of works that is oriented towards social interaction in public spaces called #buenavistacervera. From autumn 2024, many of these sculptures will be installed in public spaces in Europe.

The sculpture is made out of pallet wood and therfore – in respect to nature – recycled. These sculptures will be placed in public spaces to invite random people passing by to take a seat, to relax and to enjoy a nice view.

Each sculpture contains an invitation to “inter-act”.

The work is a bench to sit on and at the same time a place where messages can be exchanged. Users are invited to use the bank for communication. You can leave letters and cards to friends and loved ones. You can motivate others to visit this bank (geo-tagging), search for messages or place additional messages yourself.

The sculpture is a social sculpture. The real work of art is the interaction of the people who use this bench, talk about it, leave messages and find them. The appeal of the unknown, the joy of discovery, is motivation. The offer is inclusive. The aim of the project is to rethink and appreciate social interaction in public spaces.


Each sculpture from the cycle has the title of the series of works – #buenavistacervera – and a serial number and the year of creation. The object is weatherproof and no special precautions are required for installation.

Do you manage a public space? Would you like a sculpture like this? Get in contact! And become part of a movement to appreciate and enjoy public space.


#buenavistacervera contains the location of creation. Cervera del Maestre is the homebase of the artist and refer to CASAdelDRAGON, an artist residence since many years. The benches are created in this “world village of art”, inhabited by 600 people from 30 nations (!) in east spain between Valencia and Barcelona.