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In October 2021 we designed the first parts of the lower stage ground. The most important decision was the grid pattern for the lower stage. It will support various connections to other components and it will be used in the design of many construction parts like upper stage, walls and trusses. Part of the stage will be a moving segment. Based on the capacity of the laser cutter it comes along in 4 segments. Each segment provides 90 degree of a full circle of total of 48 cm. Also we realised a first pillar based on the same grid design to support (right photo) fastening eyes. A color scheme should lead to seperate the prefabricated parts. More about the general project you find here.

Hola, (mas abajo en ingles…) mi nombre es juan, soy un artista contemporáneo que vive en españa y alemania y visitaré la ciudad de valencia – rusafa – el próximo jueves. Me dedico a diversos proyectos de arte nacionales e internacionales y busco artistas profesionales contemporáneos en la región.No quiero spam, ni vender u ofrecer nada más que un interés honesto en desarrollar proyectos que conduzcan a entornos sociales y pacíficos en el futuro y que permitan a los artistas sobrevivir en un futuro próximo en las condiciones de la sociedad.te ofrezco estas opciones para contactarme:– responder a este correo– use el telegrama +49 16099131933– reúnase conmigo y mis amigos en persona en rusafa el 27 de mayo.– Encuéntrame en nuestra residencia y galería de artistas en 12578 cervera del maestre, castellon el 29 de mayo entre las 10.00 y las 14.00 h.– encuéntrame en zoom el 29 de mayo a…

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About love for people in times of a global civil war This is the story of a look back at many years of social art, the story of the rise and fall of social media, the story of a departure into the reald world that looks like re-treat and social death, and which only underlines that contemporary artists should also enjoy their time . My path into the arts started 40 years ago. For a small German town I was commissioned to carry out an art campaign for children and young people, my first paid artwork with the age of 18. I suggested a common action painting. The canvas 40 x 1.6 m in 20 segments faced a crowd of more than 160 young painters. The rules were clear: paint over what you don’t like. Allow the following to do the same. Return as many times as you want till…

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As an european artist in pandemic times i have to re – think new aims and goals of contemporary art. Surrounded by agony and fear, by obedience and violence, i have to question my ideas, plans and strategies in art production , – distribution and – marketing. I do not want to line up with those, who dream from returning to the before. The past moved us into or NOW! and i do not want to repeat history. This article is about a new field of contemporary social art, driven by coding in PHP, a common programming language for web server based algorithm and logic. I am designing a tool to aviod SPAM and to protect WORDPRESS installations. You can activly support me to reach the goal, to give a useful tool to more than 20 Million website admins – for free! The article is also about the starting point…

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The installation “promise of the tongue” was should first time in a group exhibition in Siegburg (Germany), later in the north of Germany (Kulturelle Landpartie) and in Spain.The artwork was part of a larger installation with several paintings and combined with a sound installation and a webcam to document the movement of the visitors inside a labyrinth. More detailed information on the artist website. As an artist i work in collaboration with the audience. The capacity to receive any information is based on basic skills to decode, trained in sozio-cultural environments. The research of the process of perception occupies a large space in my art. This work is one of the few still available works from the first installations in this series. Further links: Saatchi Online | DeSouza |