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About love for people in times of a global civil war This is the story of a look back at many years of social art, the story of the rise and fall of social media, the story of a departure into the reald world that looks like re-treat and social death, and which only underlines that contemporary artists should also enjoy their time . My path into the arts started 40 years ago. For a small German town I was commissioned to carry out an art campaign for children and young people, my first paid artwork with the age of 18. I suggested a common action painting. The canvas 40 x 1.6 m in 20 segments faced a crowd of more than 160 young painters. The rules were clear: paint over what you don’t like. Allow the following to do the same. Return as many times as you want till…

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As an european artist in pandemic times i have to re – think new aims and goals of contemporary art. Surrounded by agony and fear, by obedience and violence, i have to question my ideas, plans and strategies in art production , – distribution and – marketing. I do not want to line up with those, who dream from returning to the before. The past moved us into or NOW! and i do not want to repeat history. This article is about a new field of contemporary social art, driven by coding in PHP, a common programming language for web server based algorithm and logic. I am designing a tool to aviod SPAM and to protect WORDPRESS installations. You can activly support me to reach the goal, to give a useful tool to more than 20 Million website admins – for free! The article is also about the starting point…

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The installation “promise of the tongue” was should first time in a group exhibition in Siegburg (Germany), later in the north of Germany (Kulturelle Landpartie) and in Spain.The artwork was part of a larger installation with several paintings and combined with a sound installation and a webcam to document the movement of the visitors inside a labyrinth. More detailed information on the artist website. As an artist i work in collaboration with the audience. The capacity to receive any information is based on basic skills to decode, trained in sozio-cultural environments. The research of the process of perception occupies a large space in my art. This work is one of the few still available works from the first installations in this series. Further links: Saatchi Online | DeSouza |