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About love for people in times of a global civil war This is the story of a look back at many years of social art, the story of the rise and fall of social media, the story of a departure into the reald world that looks like re-treat and social death, and which only underlines that contemporary artists should also enjoy their time . My path into the arts started 40 years ago. For a small German town I was commissioned to carry out an art campaign for children and young people, my first paid artwork with the age of 18. I suggested a common action painting. The canvas 40 x 1.6 m in 20 segments faced a crowd of more than 160 young painters. The rules were clear: paint over what you don’t like. Allow the following to do the same. Return as many times as you want till…

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MUARCO is a miniaturized version of a modular exhibition space, which contains hundreds or more art works – depending on the configuration – in the size of 8 per 5 cm (leaflet for decision-makers,PDF). In 2020 i was invited to participate in an group exhibition of DeSouza Gallery in Spain. As an conceptual artist working in the field of social sculpturing i was highly affected by lock down and the shift in social realities in nearly all societies worldwide. Not only, that most of my colleagues are not allowed to perform any more, even cultural spaces like galleries, museums, exhibition and concert halls are affected. I could not follow my friends thoughts and was not able to imagine a back to normal and i started to calculate the impact and the consequences for individuals and entries as well. MUARCO – the exhibition in the museum in the exhibition – addresses…

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The Official Inner City Map of Atlantis is exhibited the first time as part of a the social sculpture “the exhibition in the museum in the exhibition” in the medieval Ermita de San Sebastia in the village of Cervera del Maestre (Castellon, Spain), as part of a group exhibition of DeSouzaGallery. The Inner City Map is represented by 3 first artist proof multiples (1-1-1, 1-1-2, 1-1-3) in the size of series of the social sculpture artsurprise. Each multiple shows a specific aspect of the Inner City of Atlantis. The first map is giving orientation to reach Famous Monuments. The second map shows the most important Contemporary Art Galleries and the third Best Museums and Art Spaces. A limited series of these first three maps will be available soon – please contact DeSouza Gallery for details.