post production

I consider most of my artworks as conceptual art. The main aspect is always to “move the people” and sometimes I participate – as many of my artist colleagues – in competitions. These may be calls from art associations or public insitutions. I like to create artworks for a given theme. This forces me to develop new solutions and pushes me also in my other tasks.

A good many times this work is rejected, because I do not win the competition. Such artworks / concepts / projects are usually collected in offices and are eventually lost.

The ARTSURPRISE project gives me the opportunity to show these conceptual works. I combine one digital art piece with the beginning of the story. The end of the story you can read online here.

I named this series post production because of the pending situation of these concepts. If you like it and if you are able to develop one of these projects with me, let us come together and do it. Contact me by mail or in the social networks like facebook or linkedin.

Links : post production no. 1 | post production no. 2 | post production no. 3 | facebook | linkedin