Uncertainty 2 love – the message of LOVE

“Uncertanty is the space for evolution and the emergent feature of Love.”

I was invited by the organisation of Sant Henri to point out the 25th anniversary with a big performance as part of the auction day. I designed a 3 meter tall sculpture made of wood, paper and saw dust. We placed 52 little ceramic heads inside the sculpture and incinerated it in the evening after the auction. The big sculpture burnt over 5 hours and the 52 ceramic heads were covered with ashes and grime in the process of the sculptures destruction. These 52 heads where designed by an French artist.

Many years later I was invited by the dutch artist Arlo Laibowitz to burn my own sculptures out of his big installation.

Arlo created out of hundreds of canyas pieces and thousands of knots a giant  anatomic heart in the color garden of CASAdelDRAGON in Spain. In 30.12.2018 he burned it in a little ceremony. For Arlo it was a mental challenge to let things go away and for me it was a challenge to realise a new social art project. To reroute the energy from a burning sculpture and its destruction into a collection of ceramic new art pieces and spreading them all over the world with the most important message in my life: give love. I am happy that you are holding one of the 136 original pieces we get out of the ash after 3 days of burning. Give it to a person you are in love with or hold it as a symbol of your love for somebody.