UNIIE – free university of informal education


UNIIE – get the knowledge you need

In 01. January of 2015 i founded the free university of informal education – UNIIE – in Spain. The main target is, to develop a free space for free creatives, like a garden of epicurus. UNIIE will be one of my long-term art projects. As part of the activities of the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON, the dye garden project of sevengardens.org and other workshops and inter-cultural projects i will explore new ways of distribute and receive knowledge.

The field of important and sustainable knowledge is wide. From the artistic point i will create an advantage and invite all humans – willing to share information and knowledge – to join this project. Equal if you want to know something, if you know something or if you want to make research about informal education, you are welcome to join this project, this location, this movement of contemporary learning.

In march 2015 we start first workshops and cultural events. We will publish the agenda soon as possible. If you want to join the team of distributers of knowledge, you could apply now here.

If you are interested in research about informal education, please contact me directly.